Join the Journey

Raising Autism Awareness Together




Hello, my name is Dorian.  I am 13 years old.  I have Autism, and so does my pet polar bear Tikko.  Tikko is travelling on an adventure; and I need you to take care of him.  My polar bear wants to raise Autism Awareness.  Just call him "Tikko the Autism Bear" or "Travelling Tikko".  Guess what?  This guy is much more different than the other polar bears you know.  Things you should look out for:

- Tikko gets really angry sometimes

- Tikko has anxiety

- Tikko doesn't like being tickled

- Be very patient with Tikko

- Tikko likes school

- Tikko is great at math

- Tikko cries, screams, hits, kicks, and GROWLS

- Tikko throws chairs and desks

- Tikko is very, VERY loud

- Tikko wants attention, food, drinks and someone to play with

- Tikko wants LOVE

I LOVE TIKKO.  I would love it if you can take pictures of Tikko while he's gone.  Also, bring back postcards.  Help Tikko promote Autism Awarenss to the world.


Thank you,