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Raising Autism Awareness Together

One might assume I’m referring to a pot of gold.  My rainbow represents Autism Spectrum Disorder; and my child, like so many others, is on the spectrum.  Approximately 1 in 68 children are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  These numbers continue to rise.  Families living with ASD face many challenges.  Whether emotional or financial; these families are drowning.  We can look away.  We can throw in a life preserver…or we can jump in to save them.  It’s that easy.

To find my “miracle” at the end of the rainbow, I look no further than my son Dorian.   In January,2013, Dorian created an AUTISM AWARENESS Facebook campaign called “TIKKO TRAVELS™” (originally “Travelling Tikko”). Sending his AUTISTIC pet polar bear Tikko™ out into the world, Dorian believes he can make a difference.  Tikko™ takes with him a letter from Dorian and a “wish list” of places to see. 

Tikko™ shares information on Autism with local residents, inviting them to join his Facebook page to help raise awareness.   Behind the scenes I support Dorian's campaign by researching autism in the areas Tikko™ travels; posting valuable information on Tikko's Facebook Page; including trip photos and inspirational stories.  We are raising awareness in a fun and entertaining way.  Most of all, we hope by sharing "Dorian's Story", families living with autism will see that in spite of the diagnosis, these wonderful children on the spectrum have amazing gifts to share.  Never give up hope!  You are not alone.  Together, we make a difference!