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Autism Spectrum Disorder, or ASD, is a neurodevelopmental disorder that is characterized by impairments in social interaction, communication, and by restricted and repetitive behaviour.  Recent statistics show that 1 in 43 children are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) each year.  Dorian Poe is one of these children.

Dorian is a 13-year old boy who loves Pokemon, Skylanders, video games (like Minecraft), and being creative (through drawings, story-telling, and building Lego).  Dorian is also a child with ASD who had a great deal of difficulty functioning within the public school system.  At present, it is rare for the parents of children with ASD to find the correct supports within this system and therefore they seek out private schools for children with special needs.

Imagine a school for children with ASD where the dedicated and experienced staff helps each child maximize his/her potential in a supportive environment.  These innovative programs emphasize the Ontario curriculum, social, communication and life skills, and is complemented by the use of technology (Smartboards, iPads, laptops, etc.).  Children with behavioural challenges find more socially appropriate ways to express their wants and needs.  In this supportive environment, children are not punished for being different, but instead are encouraged to use their strengths to build on their areas of need.  Dorian continues to benefit from such a program.

When Dorian arrived at Woodview Learning Centre in Fall 2009, he struggled with his academics, behaviour, and his ability to socialize appropriately with others.  With the right support in place, Dorian flourished in his academics!  He suddenly had an "A" average!  Dorian also made progress with his behaviour and social skills, though these continue to be the focus of his individual program. 

In Fall 2012, Dorian transitioned to the Missing Links Academy.  Offering a top-notch behavioural program, Missing Links was the answer to our prayers.  Dorian thrives in his new academic environment.  For two years our family fundraised to secure Dorian's tuition of $45,000.00/year at Woodview Learning Centre.  Now considered "independent", Dorian joined Missing Links at a tuition of $24,500.00/year.  Although some of our family's burden has lessened, we continued to fundraise to secure his place at Missing Links.

In Fall 2017 Dorian will transition to High School. 

Thanks to family, friends, the wonderful staff at Missing Links, our caring community and people like you, Dorian's future looks bright!  As expected, Dorian is paying-it-forward by giving back to other families affected by ASD.  In creating "Tikko Travels" Dorian's hopes to change the way people view autism.

Should you wish to donate to Dorian's "Tikko" campaign, please click on "Donate to Tikko".

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Dorian's Family