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Raising Autism Awareness Together

4 Emmy nominations including one win for casting Fargo, 4 Canadian Comedy nominations for The Casting Room including one win plus winner of the Bell Local award for best Canadian web series; Stephanie Gorin C.D.C.; C.S.A., has spent over 20 years casting for television, film and live theatre.

"Tikko has been very important to me over the past years for many reasons:

* It's a passion for my nephew Dorian (who is autistic) who hopes to help change the world's view about children with autism. 

* My sister Christine is also a huge advocate and has made this her life's work.

* I believe all children should be treated with kindness, love, and understanding; and educating the public about autism helps us understand that being different shouldn't change our care for others." 

Stephanie welcomes you to enjoy a humorous compilation of what actually goes on behind casting room doors...visit The Casting Room.