Join the Journey

Raising Autism Awareness Together

The UPS#111 Store at 4104 Fairview Street, Unit 5 in Burlington, ON gets ALL our Tikko business!  Why?  Tikko touches so many lives; especially those of families with we won't entrust Tikko to just anybody.  We need to feel confident Tikko will arrive safe and on time.  We wouldn't want to risk Tikko missing any exciting travel opportunities!

We also love the exceptional "quality" of service we receive from Wil and his staff; always smiling; always going above and beyond to ensure our needs are met.  We especially love the warm welcome we receive, and their enthusiasm for all the "Tikko" gossip/updates.

The UPS Store supports small businesses by offering a one-stop shop for printing, copying, shipping services and so much more!  

"I just love what you are doing; and that Dorian came up with the idea.  I shared Tikko with my family; Chloe, my 4 year old, who loves Tikko's pictures, and my 2-year old Jackson who is a little too young to understand right now.  Being a part of Tikko makes me feel great; because it's the right thing to do!"