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Just read the book to Sam again.

Sam:  I really like this book mum!
Me:  What does having Autism mean?
Sam:  It means you're SPECIAL and you are part of a beautiful rainbow.  They're pretty lucky, eh Mum?

Sam was like, “Why can't I be part of the rainbow?”  How do you explain a metaphor to a 7 year old?  LOL.

T. Sovereign, Milton, ON

As an Autism educator in my private practice, this book is an excellent resource for my families.  A beautifully written story with a wonderful message of self acceptance and empowerment.

Hala Romana, Thriving Lives, Surrey, B.C.

“TIKKO TRAVELS Dorian’s Story” is a motivating and encouraging storybook born out of an inspiring story. At Halton Support Services, we feel lucky to have been made part of yet, another wonderful part of Tikko’s adventure! 

Thank YOU!

Agustina Jorquera; Intake Resource Worker; Dual Diagnosis Service - CWSDS

I had the honour of showing Tikko around Los Angeles, and we had a great time.  We hit the beach, some big studios, and other little gems California has to offer.  Back then I knew I was only one small part of his incredible journey. But it wasn't until his storybook arrived on my doorstep that I realized just how grand this journey was; how many sights he has seen and how many people he has touched and educated along the way.   I am so moved by how many moments of his world-wide journey have been captured and collected in this book, and displayed so beautifully for the reader to follow along with him on his travels. 

I went through a journey myself thanks to meeting Tikko and reading his story.  It's a book that has educated me, as a person who doesn't live with autism, and has provided me with a greater awareness so that I can be more understanding and helpful when I do meet people living with autism.  The story and the relationships in it are as lovely as the beautiful illustrations that grace its pages.  I'll be sure to share this with my own children so that they may have a greater awareness about those living with autism.  It's a lovely story with an important message, including the real photos of his actual travels.  Readers of all ages will be sure to fall in love with him just like Dorian did, and like I did.

Tarah Consoli, Burlington, ON

After reading Tikko’s Storybook, my 10 year old daughter felt proud to be a part of the ASD community. She had not slept with a stuffed animal in over four years, but that night she wanted our Tikko bear to snuggle with her as she fell asleep.

The Tikko Storybook is not just about autism awareness or defining the disorder: it is a celebration of difference and what it means to be exceptional and extraordinary.

J. Boisvert, Burlington, ON

"I have a special place for you in my heart...It's amazing and wonderful. Thank you. Thank you so much.❤❤"

Daniela Petris, Turin, Italy

I received a copy of your book Tikko Travels on my desk and just wanted to say thank you very much for it.

I just wanted to let you know that we will be adding it to the Burlington Public Library collection and placing a Local Author sticker on the book since you are from Burlington.

I think the topic of this book is very important and that it has a good message for children, and that it was written by one of Burlington’s very own is an added bonus.
Thank you for your gift it is greatly appreciated. I hope Tikko continues to travel the world.

Cody Vanderslot, Burlington Public Library, ON

It is with tremendous gratitude that I provide this testimonial for Tikko’s storybook.  I was gifted a very special honor to be illustrated within this beautiful book.  Autism awareness has increased in recent years, although the work still continues daily for us all.  Tikko offers a wonderful platform to provide Autism awareness to all those who come in contact with him during his travels.  This book provides a sensitive approach to teaching us all about Autism through the eyes of children and this adventurous bear!  I look forward to all the wonderful journeys Tikko will go on, and love each and every opportunity I have to share this storybook with all those in life both personally and professionally.

Am Badwall, Missing Links, Burlington, ON

What can I say about this book? It's a wonderful read and speaks to EXACTLY what my children are going through and what we as parents are feeling with language that means something to children living with ASD. I am going to advocate for this book to be brought into my children's school so that they and their classmates, as well as future students and families can learn more and join this circle of support and hope. This book needs to be part of the Ontario education system. Thank you Christine for putting a unique experience into a universal book. Thank you for TIKKO.

Chad Vice, "Nobodies are Somebodies", Ottawa, ON

Great pictures, great message and Erinn (6 years old) loved to see her friend Tikko the Polar Bear in a book that will probably become a regular bedtime read. LEWS Lenses is also honoured to be part of the journey.

L. Webber, Stoney Creek, ON

As a mom with a child on the spectrum I was thrilled to learn about "TIKKO TRAVELS Dorian's Story". I cannot thank Christine and Dorian enough for sharing Dorian's story and helping to raise awareness. This book is a must read for all families! My son is already asking if we can take Tikko on vacation so I guess it's time to get planning.

J.Lombardo, Mississauga, ON

As a musician, I've found that whether in Smetena's Moldau or in Dylan's Blowin in the Wind, the greatest music tells a story because storytelling has been the thread which has continuously connected all of humanity since time began. And no story could be more touching, and for many more important and reassuring, than “TIKKO TRAVELS Dorian’s Story."

Once again through storytelling we discover that there is much more to a story than the words on the page, just as there is much more to a person then a title or condition. The greatest stories have the power to inspire, and this is the gift which Dorian has been endowed with.

Matthew Lien, Singer-Songwriter/Producer, Yukon

"TIKKO TRAVELS Dorian’s Story" is a delightful, charming book and the illustrations were warm and vivid. The photos showing Tikko’s adventures around the world really brought home just how far Tikko has travelled. My youngest children thought the story was “cute and fun”, and I agree with them. As a mother of a now-grown child on the autism spectrum, I found the story to be true-to-life, and think it would be very helpful to a young child adjusting to his or her diagnosis. I would highly recommend this book to anyone whose life has been touched by someone on the autism spectrum.

Claudia Kaye Mayall, SOLARIS AUTISM SERVICES, Prince Edward County, ON

"TIKKO TRAVELS Dorian's Story" is a journey into the world of Dorian, a boy with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), and his polar bear, Tikko. Dorian has learned to manage his ASD with Tikko's help, and Dorian has asked Tikko to be an ambassador to the world. Tikko has journeyed all over the planet spreading the word about what autism is. Thanks to Tikko (and Dorian) thousands of people have been helped, and thousands more spread the message to help others. Illustrated with lovely images by Jean Wilson, "TIKKO TRAVELS Dorian's Story" is a beautifully clear and concise insight into the life of a special boy and his equally special bear.

My wife Allison and I are privileged to have been (and will continue to be) part of their story.

S. Cuthbertson, Hull, UK

I purchased this book out of support for a worthy cause. This book opened my eyes about children with  autism in a way that  nothing else has.  It is warm, funny and absolutely relatable if you are a child with autism or if you know someone who has a child with autism. This book and indeed, the author herself, inspire empathy and awareness about a mental health concern that is worldwide and gaining in public notice daily. I loved it!

M. Ali, Burlington, ON

How wonderful that one loving family, with a boy named Dorian and his BFF/stuffed bear Tikko, could create such a positive impact in the world! We are all the same, and we are all different and that is okay. That creates the rainbow! Thank you, Poe Family, for the valuable lesson in unconditional love.

Yvonne Heath, Author of "Love Your Life to Death"

Tikko's Storybook is a great book for adults and children alike. It brings you into the world of a child with autism and you learn first hand how it feels like for someone with this disorder. Realizing that all persons with this disorder experience things different and in different degrees I found it a great lesson to find out why a person can be a certain way often because they have trouble with certain triggers. It is great for children too so they can learn about it and therefore become compassionate to those who have this disorder. Kudos to Christine and Dorian for spreading awareness.

W. McMurran, Burlington, ON

I'm so thrilled this book was created to bring further awareness to the Autism cause.  It is my hope this book will be made available to all schools and local libraries so everyone can benefit from "TIKKO TRAVELS Dorian's Story".

A. Fischer, Georgetown, ON

A beautiful story brought to life by some incredible sketches. I feel blessed to have been a part of this special journey from the very beginning. Tikko is a heartwarming story to be shared by everyone, young and old alike.

S. Yacobucci, Burlington, ON

I read "Tikko Travels Dorian's Story" and loved it. I gave it to my husband and mom to read.  They both loved it too. I enjoyed the illustrations and how the book also included photos of Tikko with people who travelled with the cutest bear around. I will be giving my book to family and friends to bring awareness about autism. It's evident how much work went into its creation.

J. Gordon, Milton, ON

We met Tikko more than 2 years ago and we brought him to New Mexico, Arizona, Costa Rica and California.  Since then we have seen beautiful places and had great aventures together.  Tikko sees us through difficult times. He and his family always check on us to ensure we feel supported.

Recently we had a great surprise! We unexpectedly received a copy of "TIKKO TRAVELS Dorian's Story" in the mail. We are so happy to share Dorian, Christine and Tikko's autism journey and having them be part of ours.

Congratulations to Tikko, Dorian and Christine.  We are looking forward to more adventures this summer!

L. Ramirez, Roseville, California

"Tikko Travels: Dorians Story" is just AWESOME!  I feel very humbled being a part of such a wonderful story; not only in the book but as part of the Tikko Travels team (as a Tikko Ambassador).  I hope this book will inspire many people on the Spectrum to realize that ,"It's OK to be different!".  Read the book and come share the journey with us!

P. Gallagher, Toronto, ON

We are inspired by Tikko’s Storybook and the creative ways Tikko explores the world. 

Carrie Habert, Autism Speaks Canada

My son Noah is 7 and on the spectrum.  When his Tikko book arrived Noah was so happy! Excited, he said, "Mom, Mom!  Let's read it!" So right on the floor we sat and read it cover to cover; but halfway into it Noah yelled, "Wait!" and ran to get Tikko  (who was guarding his bed).  To his fluffy friend Noah said, "Look Tikko, you are in a book!" Noah was very happy to see his picture (with Tikko) in the book!  He said, "Tikko look!  We are famous!" Noah shows every one the book with his and Tikko's picture, saying, "Tikko's my best friend and I love to read our Tikko book!"

J. Myers, Albert Lea, Minnesota

"TIKKO TRAVELS Dorian's Story" is a wonderful true story about autism with an important message - it truly is "okay to be different!"  It's the perfect story for families, friends siblings and kids on the spectrum.  Due to the rising number of kids on the spectrum, this storybook is a much-needed "acceptance" piece for schools.  For the higher-functioning kids on the spectrum it lets them know - their diagnosis does not define them.  I highly recommend this book for schools, libraries, and anyone who enjoys a wonderful read, whether living with autism or not.

Gena DiGiovanni, Educational Resource Facilitators of Peel (Peel District School Board)

"TIKKO TRAVELS; Dorian's Story" is ENCHANTING! INSPIRING! HEARTWARMING! GOOSEBUMPERIFIC! Illustrated beautifully; making me want to read it again and again. (I love how the cats are always there;) Tikko and Dorian can do ANYTHING! We can too! This story encourages compassion, humanism and gives everyone pause to consider how wonderfully magical our differences can truly be. I am honoured to have met Dorian, Tikko and Christine-to learn their message and be a part of their journey. I am ever so grateful! Can't wait to see what you all do next!!! Tikko needs to take this book everywhere he goes-the world needs to read it!

Laurie Goodman Photography & Author of "Life Messages"(™), "Little Ones On Life"(™), "Life Messages"(™) Book of Inspirational Canadian Women"(™), "Enterprising Hearts"(™) and "Moose With A Lion Heart"(™), Milton, ON

Have you ever come across a child on the spectrum and felt pity for the family involved?  Pity will immediately change to compassion, wonderment and empathy once you read this delightful book. Dorian’s story definitely inspired me and it will touch your heart too. The author skillfully and powerfully brings the essence of her son’s story alive. And the detail that the illustrator incorporates into each painting brings the words to life – a true bonus while reading this wonderful story.

Diane Marcotte, Artist, Oakville, ON

Within the pages of the book, Poe describes living on the spectrum as "...a vibrant band of colours.  If you live with autism, you're part of a rainbow - a community where everyone is different in their own way..." It's a beautiful description and introduction to the disorder that can manifest in countless ways.

Christine Davis, CITY PARENT, Burlington, ON

There are so many words that can be used to describe "TIKKO TRAVELS Dorian's Story" but what comes to mind is “simply magical.”  It is a book for everyone! The message is clear and the pictures are amazing.  I love this book! It is total perfection from beginning to end.

Catharine Frith, Business Consultant, Economic Development, Legislative & Planning Services, Halton Region, ON

We found the book to be very interesting; it was a good book! We really liked the pictures at the back of the book that showed all the great places Tikko travelled to. We thought it was amazing that Tikko cared for Dorian so much and travelled with him to help him. We also liked the details about Dorian and Tikko and the things they did.

"TIKKO TRAVELS Dorian's Story" gave us a lesson about Autism. When you have autism you are part of a rainbow and are special. The rainbow shows different colours and the different colours shows the different feelings you have if you have Autism.

Ms. Lisa Hasselfeldt's Grade 2 Class, Brookville Public School, Milton, ON  (Sam Sovereign inset)

Bringing a great awareness of Autism and how it affects a person, I highly recommend reading "TIKKO TRAVELS Dorian's Story".  Its heartfelt adventures of a boy with Autism named Dorian who wanted to teach the world creates a positive solution to educate people about Autism; globally!  Well done!

Kent Chapman, Mortgage Tree, Calgary, AB