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Raising Autism Awareness Together


QuickStart - Early Intervention for Autism is a charitable organization whose mission is to assist children in reaching their full potential by helping the children obtain early intervention, at the first signs of autism.  QuickStart Autism raises awareness and initiates programs to cut wait-times, build capacity, and promote improvements in early identification and intervention. 

Suzanne Jacobson (Founder & President) began the charity because of her grandson who waited for months and years on wait-lists to get help and he missed key opportunities.  Suzanne wanted to help other children get help right away as early intervention is so important.

As a way of giving back, Suzanne donates all her time to operate QuickStart Autism.  QuickStart Autism receives no government funding. 

In 2016, QuickStart Autism proudly funded 36 toddlers in their innovative KickStart program ($144,000); funded 36 diagnostic assessments ($22,000); provided much needed respite stays for 34 parents through our ReFresh ReStart respite program ($12,000) with 350 children with autism getting to see Santa (many for the first time) through their Sensory Santa!

"We are a family in Ottawa who have 2 boys under the age of four with ASD. They were fortunate enough to be able to go through QuickStart Autism's Kickstart Program which has made a huge positive impact on all of our lives.  We are incredibly grateful to Quickstart Autism. We cannot express in words how much this has changed our lives! Thank you!”  (KickStart parent 2016)

"We are making a difference!  You can too!"

You can help change a life by donating directly to QuickStart Autism, or by adding "TIKKO TRAVELS Dorian's Story" to your child's literature collection.  For every book sold using CODE # QKSTART4TIKKO we will donate $3.00 back to QuickStart Autism! 

QuickStart Autism, 23 Evanshen Crescent, Kanata, ON K2K 2Z6