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Woodview is a registered, accredited mental health and autism agency providing services to children, youth, adults and their families in the Halton, Brantford and Hamilton regions.

Woodview offers a broad spectrum of services for children and youth facing mental health challenges and for those diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). They work in partnership with families, who play an integral role in their services. Working with schools and social service agencies they support these individuals and their families.

Woodview's multidisciplinary teams include social workers, child and youth workers, specialists in autism, psychologists and psychiatrists (consulting) – all of whom work together to provide the best services possible. With a continuum of flexible services and support, they are able to respond fully to individual and family needs. Tracking their performance and measuring the results they ensure their services are as effective as possible.

Committed to providing individualized, client-centered services and supports based on their values of collaboration, accountability, integrity, innovation and respect, Woodview offers the following Autism Programs:

In Halton:

- Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA)
- Intensive Behavioural Intervention (IBI) 'Pathways'
- Woodview Learning Centre

In Hamilton:

- PEERS Social Skills (ABA)
- Social and Life Skills Groups
- Transition to High School Program
- SMILE - Social Meetings - Important Learning for Everyday
- Social and Recreational Program
- Supported Independent Living
- Transition to Adulthood Group
- Vocational Supports - M.P.D. Inc
- Woodview Manor Main Teaching Unite
- Woodview Manor Parents' Council
- L.I.F.E. Day Supports

For more information please visit Woodview Mental Health and Autism Services

69 Flatt Rd, Burlington ON L7P 0T3



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If you'd like to donate to Woodview Mental Health and Autism Services, please contact them directly.  You can also support Woodview by ordering your very own copy of "TIKKO TRAVELS; Dorian's Story" using CODE # WOODVIEW4TIKKO.